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Aspect Ratio (AR)

AR (Aspect Ratio) is the ratio between the wire thickness (WD, Wire Diameter) and the inner diameter (ID) of a chainmail ring. AR is how many times the wire fits across the inner diameter.

If the wire is 1mm thick and the inner diameter is 3 mm, the AR is 3.

For example, 1.6x4.9 mm rings have an AR of 4.9/1.6=

For rings with an AR of 3 with a wire thickness of 1.2 mm, you’ll want an ID of 3x1.2 mm=3.6 mm
If you want to use 2 mm wire instead, the ID will be 3x2mm=6 mm

The Aspect Ratio is a handy tool, firstly because all chainmail weaves have a minimum AR at which they can be made.

Secondly, AR makes it possible to scale your designs up or down. Say you’ve made a bracelet where you love how the weave moves, and you want to make a different version in a larger or smaller ring size without changing how it moves, you can look for rings which have close to the same AR.