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The Queen Ring was started in 2002.

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 56965494
VAT registration number: NL 0015 720 08 B33

Hello lovely fans,

Times are rough.
We know we've not been very communicative and that the webshop is rather bare. We figured we would try and explain what's happening.

We are not out of business and all that's happening is indeed not normal for us. We have been having big supply issues for a while now, we are working on trying to get things back in but we are struggling.
Our main supplier has been having stock issues for months, plus they don't make our small business a priority when dividing the products they do have.
Throw in some other issues with their customer service and you have a glimpse of what we are dealing with.

We've also had a bit of a struggle personally, with staff being unable to come in for good reasons and some unforseen after corona issues.

We are going to see what we can order soon, but we can't promise anything right now sadly. Soon being; in the next two/three weeks. Be aware that everything we do get will then still need to be processed and weighed off.
Next week TQR and the Queen will be 'closed', you can still order but nothing will be processed until the 21st.

We're very sad and sorry that's how things are, and about the lack of communication. We were getting really down and unmotivated by having to answer everyone with 'we don't know if and when things will be back'.